Call for Paper: Journal Of Economics Allied Research  

Call for Paper: Journal Of Economics Allied Research  


Journal of Economics and Allied Research (JEAR)


Journal of Economics and Allied Research (JEAR) is a peer-reviewed open access journal published by the Department of Economics, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

The journal accepts state of the art research in the following areas: All areas of mainstream economics as well as other areas such as environment, health, economics geography, social and cultural issues, petroleum and energy economics, political economy and public policy.

The journal publishes articles quarterly (March, June, September and December Issues). The journal can also publish more than four times a year depending on the rate of submission and also based on editorial board’s decision. Articles involving cross sectional, cross country, time series and panel studies are welcome. In selecting articles for publication (from articles that have passed the review process) the journal will endeavour to strike a balance among the subject areas and methodological approaches. In order to facilitate the speed of acceptance, articles addressing current economic problems or challenges with specific policy relevance will be given priority.


Journal Publication Policy and Ethics

  • Review mechanism: peer review involving two reviewers and editorial review.


  • Plagiarism checks: All submitted articles are subjected to plagiarism checks in order to maintain ethical standards in its published articles. Authors whose papers fail plagiarism checks will have their papers desk-rejected and will also be barred from submitting articles to the journal for two years.


Editorial Board:


Members of the editorial board are experts and researchers drawn from different parts of Africa, Asia and beyond. This would ensure that articles accepted for publication in this journal would meet the standards required for proper indexing by the leading journal metrics institutions such as Thompson Reuters (Clarivate Analytics), Scimago and so on.



Chief Editor:
Stella I. Madueme, PhD (Economics), PhD Associate Editors:
(Education) Emmanuel O. Nwosu, PhD
Professor of Economics and Senior Lecturer and Head,
Former Head, Department of Economics Department of Economics,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
Email: Email:



Jonhannes Tabi Atem, PhD Bao Xiaojia, PhD (Columbia University, USA)
Associate Professor of Economics Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics
University of Bamenda (Wise),
Department of Economics A307, Economics Building, Xiamen University
PO Bx 39 Bambili Xiamen, 361005 China
Email: Email:


Aloysius Mom Njong, PhD Liu, Jingyuan, PhD (Pennsylvania State University,
Associate Professor of Economics USA)
University of Bamenda Assistant Professor,
Head, Department of Economics Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics
PO Bx 39 Bambili (Wise),
North West Region, Cameroon A307, Economics Building, Xiamen University
Xiamen, 361005 China





JEAR-Author Guidelines:


Originality of Articles


Authors are required to follow these guidelines during the online submission to ensure that their submitted manuscripts are not returned without review. It is also a requirement that authors will agree to the Declaration before submission confirming that the following were strictly adhered to:


  • That the research work submitted to this journal has not been submitted elsewhere for publication or is not being considered for publication or has not been published elsewhere in any form.


  • That the research work is original work of the authors and that any part of the work lifted from other works were properly and adequately acknowledged.


  • All persons included as authors to the paper must have their emails, phone numbers and full addresses included at the relevant section of the paper. A confirmation of submission email will be sent to each author. Where any particular author claims he or she is not aware of the submission including his or her name, such submission will be rejected.


Structure of the Manuscript


Submitted manuscripts must be 1.5 line spacing, should be in Times New Roman and font size 12. All papers must be submitted in the following document formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf. Research papers should not be longer than 15 pages (including title page, abstract, references, tables, figures). Authors whose articles exceed the required number of pages will be required to revise their papers before review or pay extra charges.

The title page should contain very informative and short title not more than two lines using Times New Roman and font size 12 (CAPITAL LETTERS AND BOLD). List of the contributing authors with their names (first names and surnames to be provided in full) and full addresses of institutions including emails and phone numbers. The name of the corresponding author should be indicated with asterisk as a standard practice even though the online submission has provision to indicate the corresponding author and the full correspondence address.


Before online submission, authors are advised to submit the following items:


  • The main text which should contain the following sections: (1) Introduction including the research problem and research objectives (2) Literature Review -the literature should be thematised and discussed and not blow by blow (3) Methodology (including the theoretical framework) and Data (4) Results and Discussion of Findings (5) Conclusions and


  • Supplementary material not for review: This will contain the title of the article, authors’ names, institutional addresses, and emails.


  • Abstract: the abstract should not be more than 200 words. Up to 8 key words can be provided and authors should avoid using phrases as key words in their works. Also up to 2 or more Subject area codes (Journal of Economic Literature Classifications) for the article should be provided by the authors.


  • Articles can be submitted online or as attachment to the journal email


( and copy:


Referencing format


  • References should be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order as standard practice. o All published citations inside the work must be included in the list of references. Please note that incomplete references will unnecessarily delay process of your submitted paper.


o APA 6th edition is the referencing format adopted by this journal and authors should use the appropriate styles for referencing journal articles, books, conference proceedings, reports, etc.




Review Process


  • Two peer reviewers will review each article and send comments as well as their verdicts to the chief editor. The papers will be blind-copied to the reviewers as a standard practice to ensure objectivity. The members of the editorial board will consider for publication those articles that were recommended for publication after minor corrections have been effected.



  • Reviewers could independently also give a unanimous verdict not to accept a paper. In this case no further revisions will be required from the authors. A letter of rejection will be communicated without delay so that authors of such papers could look for alternative publication sources.


  • Where the verdict is to accept after major corrections, such articles will pass through another round of peer review and publication may be so delayed. Therefore, authors are requested to properly focus and edit their papers before submitting, in addition to other important requirements as mentioned in the previous sections of this guide.



Authors are required to edit their works grammatically before submitting to the journal. Authors should also avoid the use of unnecessarily long and clumsy sentences. Also, authors are free to choose between UK and US English and not a mixture of both. However, the journal favours the use of UK spellings.


Publication Fee

There will be a submission fee of five thousand (N5, 000) naira per paper and authors of accepted paper will be required to pay a publication fee of twenty thousand (N20, 000) naira. This total sum of twenty five thousand (N25, 000) naira, will cover the cost of one hardcopy (or soft copy for foreign authors) of the journal as well as the processing fee. Foreign authors are expected to pay One hundred dollars ($100). When you make your payment, kindly scan the teller and submit to: Kindly indicate your name and the title of your paper on the email and also send text to the numbers below.


All payments should be sent to:

Account Name: Journal of Economics and Allied Research, UNN

Account Number: 203-444-9439 (Current Account)

Bank Name: First Bank Plc


For more information and enquiries on payments and other issues send sms to:

07062977126; 08065576512; 08038559299




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