Mega Research Funding Opportunity: The European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme


 Dear All,
Please, share the information with your research groups,  and ensure that you submit at least one proposal (per research group or department). People/groups that prepared proposals that were not funded under the TETFUND NRF could revise and submit the proposals. But remember that you need three partners from European institutions.
As a reminder: The European Union through the EC has a major research funding mechanism through the  Horizon 2020 programmes. All disciplines are covered. This is an opportunity for people that have major research funding proposals.. up to 5 to 10 million Euros to make use of this opportunity.Please, peruse the following websites for the information:

Horizon 2020 website:

Horizon 2020 Participant portal:

All open Horizon 2020 Calls:

Topics suitable for International Cooperation:

Reference documents:

Horizon 2020 National Contact Points:

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